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Progressive Cowboy started as a line dancer back in the mid to late 90's.  He learned over one hundred line dances, was on a team and taught. He always had a passion for writing and music. Through the years he produced several albums and played different venues and styles of music.

He got his name from a signature line dance which he was known for. People would fondly call him Progressive Cowboy.  So the band name came from that respective name he received from his friends and followers. 

His hope is his writing will touch you in some way and his music will speak to your heart. The latest album "Live at the Silver Rose," Is a mix of country and rock music with feeling. His music is deep so he hopes you will get that.

All the songs have a past or present influence. He especially loves his song, 88 which represents his brothers and sisters in the Fire Department. Progressive Cowboy hopes you enjoy the music as much as he enjoyed writing and creating them.

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